Gary Williams Jr. is a Photographer and Videographer who creates digital content for some of the world’s leading brands.

Over the course of the last decade, the award-winning photographer has adjusted his focus to capture the unique moments that bring value to communities, and prioritize perspective over commerce. Whether behind the lens or a podium, in a boardroom or a dark room, his work earns the right to tell diverse stories, turning a business into a brand. In other words, most brands and companies are reactors; with Gary’s eye they become creators. With a client list that includes Nike, BMW, Timex, and more, the corporate world is taking notice: says Williams, “Culture has many different meanings, but it hinges on authentic experiences within different ethnic groups. We know culture drives, shapes, and informs our world and without it we’d all live very bland lives void of unique experiences.”

In a new media world replete with identity politics, Gary is the renegade who ditches the politics and focuses on identity. He doesn’t take on projects without asking Who is this story about, Who is this story for, and Why are we telling it? Authenticity is his portfolio’s pedigree.

While the creative powerhouse calls Creative Theory his home and family, his greatest work occurs at home with his family, where he proudly embraces his role as a husband and father.

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Photo: Mason Photography

Washington, D.C.

Washinton, D.C.