Botham Shem Jean was a 26 year old Saint Lucian, who graduated from Harding University and became a Risk Assurance Associate with PwC. From a very young age, Botham has been a faithful member of the Church of Christ and devoted his life to helping people who were less fortunate than him.
On September 6th, 2018, Botham’s life was cut short when he was shot and killed by a Dallas Police Officer whose claim was, she mistakenly entered his apartment believing it to be hers. During Botham’s short life, he was vociferous in community outreach in his native country of Saint Lucia. These included:

  • Saint Lucia Boys’ Training Center
  • The New Beginnings Transit Home
  • Marian Home for the Elderly
  • Gros Islet Community Outreach

Other institutions for which Botham exhibited passion and yearned to assist were the Gros Islet Infant School and the Church of Christ in Saint Lucia. Therefore, in keeping with what Botham started and his love for missionary work, this Foundation is established to continue his sterling work and live his legacy. In addition, the foundation will be providing support to families impacted by police brutality due to the manner in which Botham’s life was cut short, as well as work alongside programs geared towards assisting immigrants with the challenges faced during their transition.

Content: Botham Jean Foundation

Photo: KAIT