Akilah Hughes is a comedian (stand up, sketch, improv, writer, YouTuber, etc.,) originally from Cincinnati who is now hanging out in Brooklyn, NY. She writes for Fusion, HelloGiggles, Femsplain, and Refinery29, and is a sketch and improv person trained at Upright Citizens Brigade. Akilah takes lots of photos and makes lots of YouTube videos, and generally has too widespread of an interest pool to be one of those niche blogs. Here you will find posts about hair, pop culture, race, comedy, being a 20-something lady, fashion, makeup, being good at things, being terrible at things, moving to NYC and pretty much any topic in-between.

She’s publishing a book of essays (in the same vein as the incredibly talented writers above) through Razorbill Books (an imprint of Penguin) in the not too distant future. In the meantime, check out my Tipsy Book Review series on YouTube.

Currently, developing a comedic series with one of my favorite funny girls, Lyle Friedman, thanks to the Sundance Episodic Story Lab. She wrote about her experience in the lab here, and it’s currently in the YouTube Supercharger program in NYC.

Akilah wrote and made videos for Fusion, including the commentary series This Shouldn’t Be News (screengrab above), and The Curls Room, a show by and for people with natural hair.

She completed an independent major at Berea College in Broadcasting and Speech Communications with a focus in Mass Communications—hence her desire to be a news anchor on SNL’s Weekend Update.

Brooklyn, New York

Brooklyn, NY

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Photo: BK Magazine